August 2020 Meeting Minutes

Grant County Democrats Monthly Meeting Minutes August 25, 2020


Welcome at 6:10 PM Attendance: Debby Lucas Angel, Paul Samples, Drew Lawrence, Lorie Flerlage , Jason Stroude

Debby said that this meeting would be the official Executive Meeting. These should be held quarterly and August is the 3rd quarter. All executive officers are present. The minutes were read and approved. Drew made the motion, Paul seconded. Treasurers Report: Drew reported that our balance again was $257.42 and this was filed with KERS. Forcht Bank will continue as our bank and Debby and Drew will sign the card for access. Paul said he will invoice us for the cost of the zoom meetings. Paul made the motion to accept. Lorie seconded. Chair Update: Debby reported that our organization is doing well. We have a Face Book account, Twitter and Instagram accounts. We are doing our best to communicate with our members and potential members by posting information on all these sites. We are helping the candidates by placing signs throughout the county and making phone calls . Our speaker for the evening was Jason Stroude and he reported on his progress as the Democratic opponent for Kentucky Senate against Damon Thayer. A full page add in the Grant County News reached 22,000 people last week. Everyone in the county was mailed a free copy of the paper. Post cards were mailed to 2200 addresses and 27,000 people were contacted. Several members called on the distribution list for Jason. He stated that he needs 33,000 votes to win. The focus is on direct mailing but many are asking for signs.  Bumper stickers are available too. The UAW endorsed Jason and his fund raising efforts have raised $27,000 Jason and Paul will be in Scott County the first weekend of September. He is looking for places to park a trailer and large sign donated by Wanda Hammonds. There was money left over from the Democratic Banquet and it was decided to use it for flyers that will tell people how and where to vote.

Old Business: The Turkey Shoot was discussed and Debby contacted Lloyd’s Wildlife. It seems that it is heavily booked and it would take all day to hold something like this. We discussed perhaps having a raffle and giving away a shot gun. Debby needs help getting this together but will work on it.

The Owensby group will be in the county on September 14 at 9:00 am. It’s a bus tour and there will be more details later.

We are considering having an in person meeting on September 22 but would prefer to hold it outside. Debby will check the parks and find a location. The time will remain at 6:00 pm. Drew Lawrence made the motion to adjourn at 7:10. Paul Seconded. All in favor.