Calling All Democrats to Sign Up TODAY

From: Kenny Fogle, Deputy Political Director, KDA and the Grant County Democrats Executive Board

It is just this easy.  Before you do anything else today:  sign up to VOTE in your Precinct and be eligible to nominate and vote for members of your local Executive Committee and delegates to the Congressional and State Conventions. Ask them to forward it on as well to Democrats they know.  If they do not sign up, they cannot vote and the deadline to do this is Monday, April 12th. There is no obligation to do anything else but simply have the right to vote.  We are urging everyone to do this as soon as possible so we know where we are weak in the state and where we need to concentrate our efforts.  Your help in this is Critical to our success.    Thank you to everyone who is taking on this project and for all of your help and dedication.
Our Hotline with operators standing by to help is 833-468-6835.
Not sure where to vote?  Go here and find your precinct:
Our goal is NO DEMOCRAT LEFT BEHIND.  If we are serious in rebuilding our Party to where it should be and where it can best serve the people of Kentucky, then it all begins right here, right now.
Map of Grant County Precincts:  GC-Precincts-2013