Comments from the Chair – 4/8/2021

Hello Grant County Democrats!!

It’s getting busy, busy, busy for our reorganization activities! Right now, we are concentrating on Precinct Elections which are the bases of reorganizing and running of the Democratic Party. This week, your Grant County Democrats held a special organizational meeting concerning our County Reorganizational processes. As we found during that meeting, this is a time for our county to get our voice heard. We have 22 precincts. Each of the precincts need a male, female and youth to comprise their executive board. These three people will be the ONLY ones to be able to vote for the Democratic Party Reorganization. This means, in our County, we should have 66 votes/voices. To date, we have about ten nominees. Because only the precinct executive members are able to vote in the county and state reorg; we will only have as many votes/voices as we have precinct officers.

Among our discussion at our meeting, we had two important questions. First: “What do precinct officers have to do? What kind of time is this needing?” The answer is: for most precinct Executive Committee members; not a lot! You will be a voter in the Conventions for County and State and possibly District. This year, EVERYTHING is going to be done online, via phone or via paper ballot. You will need to do some research and discussing with your fellow officers and Democrats. However, this is not a regular meeting nor input responsibility! Essentially, Precinct Officers vote, but they are the only ones that vote up to the state level. Our second question is also a statement: “I work at the precinct during elections; do I have to sign up again?” This is a misunderstanding of terminology. While folks do work the precinct polls and they have to have two Democrats per precinct; and while a precinct poll worker can be both a poll worker and a precinct officer; the one has nothing to do with the other. A precinct poll worker is assigned by the County Clerk strictly to work the voting polls. However, to be a Democratic Precinct Officer for the Democratic Reorganization, you much be nominated (which you can do yourself) and elected (you can vote for yourself, too) by Democrats to serve as a Precinct Board Member.

Nominations for Democratic Precinct elections close on Monday, 4/12/21 with subsequent voting being held 4/15-17. To learn more and to get involved, you can attend the virtual Statewide Precinct Convention which will be held on Saturday, April 10 at 10 AM. Governor Beshear and KDP Chair Colmon Elridge and other luminaries will be hosting the online event! To join it, click on this link: and a zoom access link will be sent to you prior to the Convention. As Kenny Fogle, Deputy Political Director of KDP says, (we) are hoping to have the “…largest gathering of Kentucky Democrats ever in one meeting. Be a part of History and help us resurrect the Democratic Party in Kentucky.”

Unless otherwise indicated, all future meetings of the Grant County Democrats will be hybrid, meaning you can attend in person, via phone and/or via computer! We will have all the information you need to attend; all you need to do is give us a holler and we’ll make it so! FYI: we will have another Special Organizational meeting in May prior to the County Reorg voting and a final Special Organizational meeting in June prior to District and State Reorgs.

Don’t forget to nominate for your precinct (you can find your precinct by going to our webpage Grant County Kentucky Democrats (, the Secretary of State’s website Voter Information Center (, or the local Grant County Clerk’s Office Elections – Grant County Clerk for information (their phone number is (859) 824 3321.

Check out our GC Dems Webpage, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram feeds for updates on all our progress!

Be sure to NOMINATE and/or sign up for precinct voting by Monday 4/12 and VOTE for Precinct Officers 4/15 through 4/17. Please feel free to contact us for any questions you might have.

Hope to see you soon!
🙂 Debby