Democratic Precinct Conventions 2020

Democratic Precinct Conventions: Saturday March 21st, 10:00 AM
Conventions will take place at Grant County Public Library, Room A, Williamstown KY. Coffee and pastries will be served.

Your Democratic Precinct Convention is the first step toward becoming active in the Democratic Party and possibly serving on your County Democratic Executive Committee or the KDP State Central Executive Committee. Any Democrat registered in your precinct by March 19th can attend, nominate, and run for election to the Precinct Committee. 

We also are looking for volunteers to help at your Precinct Conventions. 

The Precinct Convention will be immediately followed by a brief monthly meeting of the Grant County Democrats (replacing our regular 3rd Thursday meeting).

For more information about the Conventions, or to volunteer, please contact Jenn Williams at 445-8840, or e-mail:

If you do not know the name of your precinct, or whether you are registered to vote in your precinct, you may go to and fill in the requested information; or contact the County Clerk’s office at 824-3321.