General Election Voter Protection Sign Up Requests

During this past Primary Election we had a lot of volunteers sign up to be trained to help with our Voter Protection Program. It went great. Despite the many challenges and unforeseen problems that presented themselves, the overall takeaway is that our volunteers came through for us and to make sure it goes just as well in November, we are once again enlisting the aid of Kentuckians all across the state to step up and be trained and available to ensure the General Election goes off without a hitch. So, please forward this out to as many Democrats as you can and once again ask for their help. To get started, simply Click on this link: Training Classes are starting soon.

Please join the Kentucky Democratic Party’s statewide efforts to protect everybody’s right to vote on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

There are a variety of roles, including:
Assisting voters who have questions via the Voter Hotline (no experience needed!) ;
Providing legal assistance to voters on Election Day (practicing attorneys needed);
If in-person voting is considered safe by the Center for Disease control and the State allows in-person voting, serving as a poll watcher?;

Please sign up to help protect the vote!