NOVEMBER 24, 2020
Debby Lucas Angel called the meeting to order at 7:25. Usually, the meeting is at 6:30, but several
members could not attend until a later time. The following were in attendance: Debby, Lorie Flerlage,
Drew Lawrence and Paul Samples. The minutes were read by Lorie and Drew gave the treasurers report.
There was no activity in the account this month, so the total is still $669.55. Drew made the motion to
accept the minutes, Paul seconded. All accepted.
Debby and Drew will go to the bank and set up the Merchants account soon. Debby was reimbursed $77
for campaign signs. She donated the balance of the bill. Paul made the motion to accept the treasurer’s
report and Lorie seconded. All accepted.
New Business: On December 5, there will be a reverse parade in Williamstown from 5-7 o’clock. Debby
suggested that we set up on Johnson Street, ask Doug to bring his car and possible pass out candy. Cars
will drive past the parade. Due to the CORONA virus numbers being so high in the county, we decided
not to participate at this time.
This Is Grant County~ The Grant County News is putting a book together for 2021 listing all information
in our county. We discussed this book and most feel it is very helpful. Debby suggested that we buy a
half page ad in this book for $250. She will work on the design with Paul and submit it to the paper. Paul
make the motion to purchase the ad and Drew seconded. All accepted.
Kentucky Democratic Party Organization: The past chairman of the Ky. Democratic Party, Ben Self, has
resigned. The new chairman will be Colman Eldridge. Colman is from Cynthiania, Ky. He worked for
former Governor Steve Breshear and is a graduate of Transylvania College. He was appointed by
Governor Andy Breshear and he is looking to build the membership from the bottom up. He is
interested in helping counties and wants input from local parties. Our values should reflect our local
communities and he wants to redefine the values to be competitive with the Republican Party. He
suggested that we train our people to get the message out. Plan your work and work your plan! A
suggested book to read is: Shadow Network- how the Republicans Have become Successful.
Rural Institute Council~ Debby has been attending these meetings and feels that they are valuable. Drew
has expressed interest in attending also.
Debby also attends the Fiscal Court meetings and invited any of us to attend too. They are on zoom and
the next meeting will be December 1 at 6:30.
Our next meeting will be a zoom meeting on December 29, 2020 at 7:00. This time works better for
most of our members.
Paul made the motion to adjourn and Debby seconded. All accepted. Meeting ended at 9:10 pm
Submitted by Lorie Flerlage