Letter from the Chair – 04/07/2022

Hello Fellow Dems!

As is the Kentucky way, winter is not easily giving up to spring.  Don’t know about any everyone else, but Spring Fever (and allergies) are definitely grabbing me!  As we move into spring, the Kentucky Legislature Long Session is drawing to a close.  As usual, the last few days of the regular session are a flurry of bills being passed to be sent to the Governor’s desk to be signed or voted.  The important point is that the Governor can veto a bill but the super-majority legislature can override anything they want.  Still, there were some legit bills included that can help the state, such as funding most pensions, raises for most workers, appropriating funds for improving state parks and more money for social workers, etc.  But, also included were bills being gutted and filled with special interests, line items that would never have passed on their own merit were snuck in at the very, very last minute so it was moved right on through to the governor’s desk.

This malarky is a classic ploy used by all.  Yet, it is especially onerous lately with the nasty things being put in by this runaway super-majority of Libertarian-Republicans.  For instance, $300,000 was included in the budget for this little jewel:  ” Jefferson Davis State Historic Site: Included in the above General Fund 8 appropriation is $300,000 in fiscal year 2022-2023 to restore and maintain the damaged 9 and raised pavilions at the Jefferson Davis State Historic Site. Included in the above 10 General Fund appropriation is an additional one-time allocation of $150,000 in each 11 fiscal year to restore and maintain the damaged and raised pavilions at the Jefferson Davis 12 State Historic Site.”

Beyond this is the fact our county will have only ONE office on which to vote during the Primary this year.  However, it is VERY IMPORTANT we turn out and vote on that one office because it will determine who will run against Rand Paul in November.  There are four Democrats vying for that office.  Below are their names and links to pages describing them.  I strongly urge everyone to review these folks and get out and vote for the one you think will defeat Paul and move our contingent away from being the “Party of No” in DC and forward to a true representation of Kentucky’s best interests.  (Because a Party cannot choose one Dem candidate over another in a Primary race, our candidates are listed here as they will appear on the ballot):

Other than this office, we have no one running on the Democratic ticket for any offices in the County and Federal Offices.  Even though Dems are running for the one state office and one federal office, because they have no opposition, they will not have a Primary.  And, sadly, because Kentucky has a closed primary system of election our single, important, but single; office is the only office we can contribute votes to for the Primary. 

Another point on this issue offices:  there are NO county offices with Democrats running.  And, only four of the ten county offices with republicans already in them have primaries.  To me, it is a sad state of affairs that we only have a single office in the Primary and only three to oppose Republicans in the General as well as very few Republicans challenging those in office.  The message being sent is “you’re doing a helluva job, Brownie.” 

But, be this as it may; we can still have our voices heard by going to city, county and even state meetings and making sure we make our thoughts and views heard by participating and speaking out.

And in the meantime, we will develop a bench of qualified Democratic candidates to take Grant County, the Commonwealth and the Country into the future.

We may be down, but we are NOT out.  We have a voice, we will be heard!

Stand up, step out and be heard! 

🙂  Debby