Letter from the Chair – 05/07/2021

Hello Fellow Democrats!

What a week, what a world!?

While spring is coming (how do you say it’s here when we may have frost?) and COVID-19 is abating, we are moving forward with the reorganization of the Party. Precinct elections are over and we have until May 10 for the Precinct Officials to nominate for our Executive Committee. If you are a registered Democrat and would like to be on the Executive Committee, drop us a line!

But wait, what is the “Executive Committee,” you may ask? While members of the Executive Committee are representatives of the county Party and do elect the County Chair and Vice Chair; before you say “oh no, I don’t have the time so not gonna do that!” let’s understand what the responsibilities are of the EC member: according to Kenny Fogle, Deputy Political Director of the KYD, “The only mandatory requirement is to attend half the meetings of the committee. Anything else is personal initiative.” So, if you have been wanting to get more involved and would like to have a voice in the Democratic Party, here’s your chance!

Also, This Saturday morning, May 8th at 10 am ET, Governor Beshear, Lt. Governor Coleman and Chair Coleman Eldridge will lead the formal County Party Convention ceremony. To join the Zoom call: https://www.mobilize.us/kydems/event/387253/

Remember, the goal is to leave no Democrat behind–everyone that wants needs to be involved!! Looking forward to hearing from our new executive committee members!!

🙂 Debby Lucas Angel