Letter from the Chair – 06/09/2022

Hello Fellow Dems!

As we move into the local election season, we have to reflect and ponder the fact we have few, if any, Democratic candidates on our ballots.

Truly, we have no way but up!  Our task for the future is to refill our “bench” of candidates for the future.  We have to start by reminding every9ne that it is respectful choice; to run for office.  It is not a personal choice, but one that must be made for our democracy to continue.

S, I call to all of our members to consider:  run for school board; conservation district, city council members, mayors, to magistrate, judge/executives state senators, reps, governors as well as federal reps and senators and even president.  If yo thikn you can, you can!

We must work together to regain our democracy.  Literally.