Letter from the Chair – 07/03/2021

Hello Fellow Democrats!

Hard to believe it is already the 4th of July! What a difference a year makes, last year we were, though some didn’t realize it, facing a huge surge of the pandemic with Kentucky’s governor actively fighting the outbreaks and a president continuing to deny and have gatherings which resulted in a spreader event and ultimately Herman Caines death. This year, we still have a KY governor who had helped us beat back the disease to a plateau; though it is still there in the background waiting to attack. We also now have a POTUS who is cognizant and moving us forward into a safer and more secure future! As we celebrate our Indendence, we should take a moment to look back over the past year as well as over the past 244 years: where are we now and were are we going. We have a battle going on for our country, our state and, yes, for our county and cities. But, as President Biden said Friday, we can “talk about the bad things next week.”

This week, on Thursday we had our first candidate announce his primary campaign kickoff to vie for the Democratic Candidacy against Senator Rand Paul. While as a Party, we cannot pick/choose candidates in a primary; with his announcement, Charles Booker of Louisville has signaled Kentucky is ready for a change with solid candidates to fight empty rhetoric and ignorance.

But, for this weekend, let’s enjoy a holiday where we can get out and about to celebrate with our independence with family and friends. Oh and be sure to sign up for the vaccination lottery Kentucky Vaccine Sweepstakes – Home (egov.com)! (And if you win, don’t forget the “little people!” LOL)

Everyone have a safe and peaceful 4th of July!
🙂 Debby