Letter from the Chair – 07/22/2022

Hello Fellow Dems!

Been a while since you heard from your chair! What a month I’ve had–vacation in Alaska and then, thanks to a “giving guy” in Minneapolis airport; spent the next two weeks dealing with COVID. But, slowly regaining my strength and stamina.

Lots to talk about this week! The summer is heating up both in temperature and in politics. We have a local incumbent Representative spending all her time running for governor and leaving the District in the Dust. We have two great candidates for Congress–Charles Booker running against Rand Paul and Matt Lehman running against Thomas Massie–we need to be supporting all the way to the Capitol in DC. Both are coming into NKY and even into Grant County. With Roe v. Wade overturned, amendments on the ballot, destructive changes in education and the running of schools; this summer’s issues will be felt for decades to come.

I do want to try to explain a few of the issues we are facing:
First, the Kentucky Republicans in Congress are supporting that “quiet part said out loud” by Clarence Thomas when he added his two cents to the Roe overturning. The next issues that will be attacked will be contraceptives, same sex marriages and all gay/minority rights. But they won’t stop there–voting rights for women and minorities destroying all of our schools and finally destroying the middle class will be on the table.

To support this, look at the recent vote in the House where in a bipartisan vote they passed, all of Kentucky’s Republicans (Andy Barr, James Comer, Brett Guthrie, Thomas Massie and Hal Rodgers) voted against the Right to Contraception Act (228 to 195) and Respect for Marriage Act (267 to 167) with only the sole Democrat (John Yarmuth) voting for them.

If we need more evidence: our schools, and indeed we, are under attack from all sides this year. From unfunded mandates of more SRO’s (School Resource Officers) in each school to mental health professionals for every 250 kids, the “extra” $100 per student won’t go very far. Not only these mandates but this amount takes in faculty and staff salaries as well as equipment, etc. In addition to that, now that charter schools are a reality, as of 7/14, any child in any district in the state can go to any district they choose and their $4100 SEEK (Support Education Excellence in Kentucky) funds go with them. This will be pitting districts and schools against one another for absolutely no good reason and leave the smaller, poorer schools even farther behind than ever.

On the ballot this November 8, not only do we have Booker and Lehman for Congress, Debby Lucas Angel is running for Kentucky Representative for the 61st District and then there are those two Constitutional Amendments. These both are things near and dear to the hearts of the current supermajority of the Kentucky Legislature. From Ballotpedia, here’s what you will see:

Amendment 1: ” Are you in favor of amending the present Constitution of Kentucky to repeal sections 36, 42, and 55 and replace those sections with new sections of the Constitution of Kentucky to allow the General Assembly to meet in regular session for thirty legislative days in odd-numbered years, for sixty legislative days in even-numbered years, and for no more than twelve additional days during any calendar year if convened by a Joint Proclamation of the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, with no session of the General Assembly to extend beyond December 31; and to provide that any act passed by the General Assembly shall become law on July 1 of the year in which it was passed, or ninety days after passage and signature of the Governor, whichever occurs later, or in cases of emergency when approved by the Governor or when it otherwise becomes law under Section 88 of the Constitution?”

Amendment 2: ” Are you in favor of amending the Constitution of Kentucky by creating a new Section of the Constitution to be numbered Section 26A to state as follows: To protect human life, nothing in this Constitution shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion?”

These both need to be big NO’s. While they may sound good, the bottom line is they are bad for Kentucky. For instance, the Legislators voted themselves a raise during the session so not only is it a power-grab to call themselves into session for partisan reasons, but they will be spending even more than the $65,000 a day price tag for sessions. And the one touting making abortion illegal forever is turning a women’s healthcare issue into a political football.

The Grant County Fair begins on 7/25, with setup on Sunday 7/24. Be sure to come by to visit and set a spell with us! We will have giveaways each evening with the final night being our Country Ham, donated by Judy Curry Ellis!

We all need to be out and about; loud and proud and get these people aware of what is actually being done by these runaway Republicans, especially those in Kentucky’s super-majority. If you have an issue or need something from your GC Dems, just ask and we’ll do what we can!

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