Letter from the Chair – 07/23/2021

Hello GC Dems!
Well, it’s that time of year again–the Grant County Fair is NEXT WEEK! We are planning on having a booth at the Fair and will have some free raffle items available–hoping at least one a night. That being said, anyone wanting to join us or man the booth, call Debby at 859 803 7587 and sign up to man the booth for a couple hours or however long you can; or if you have something to raffle to arrange pickup. While there is no rental fee for our both, everyone will have to pay to get into the place. We’ll be having the booths open at 5:30 and close around 8:30 PM.

Although our meeting would be scheduled for Tuesday at 7, because of the Fair, we are canceling the meeting. Instead of attending the meeting; just come on out to the Fair and come to the booth!

Once the fair is over, we will be moving into getting our Party going forward. There are things going on in the district, county and cities that need attention that we need good, solid candidates for all of the positions that will be coming up for election year. We have subcommittees for Communications (Paul Samples, chair) and Fundraising (Drew Lawrence, Chair). We need Ad Hoc subcommittees for Candidate Solicitation (Loretta Flerlage, chair) and Platform Review (Debby Lucas Angel, chair). We also are looking at rebuilding our Grant County Democratic Women’s Club (Donna Freuh, lead) and Young Democrats Club (Drew Lawrence, lead). If you are interested in running for an office or you would like to joining a subcommittee or have an idea of an Ad Hoc Subcommittee, do contact one of the Executive Board members.

Hope to see everyone at the Fair!
🙂 Debby