Letter from the Chair – 08/06/2021

Hello Fellow Democrats!

What a time we are having, eh? The 2021 in-person Grant County Fair is in the books! We had a lot of fun at the booth–was very interesting sitting across from the Republican booth–Savannah Maddox was there three nights so we got to watch her interact with the public.

Our give-aways were wonderful! Many thanks to Judy Curry Ellis for creating and organizing them! We had nine very happy people by the end of the week!

But, now is the time to start our work. We only have one Democrat in the county that is in an elected office; and it is a non-partisan office! We have a BUNCH of offices (most are four year terms, some are two) that will need to be filled in 2022 including:

City Mayors (4)
City Councils (22 – 6 in each city, except Corinth has 4)
County Judge/Executive
County Magistrates (3)
County Sheriff
County Coroner
County PVA
County Attorney
Constables (3)
Board of Education (5)
State Representative
Federal Senator
(There may be more, we’ll have the full list at the meeting)

Our meeting is on Tuesday, August 24 at 7 PM at the Library. We will be kicking off our organization for Grant County! We will probably be outside again and will definitely be a hybrid meeting. Organizing means we will be working on our plan to fill the positions as well as how to get our get our message out. Too, we’ll be working on committees, possibly by-laws and procedures. We need everyone’s input on this–we want our party to be representative of Democrats in this county. Like the other times we’ve been at public venues, we were told repeatedly “I thought I was the only one!” meaning the speaker thought they were the only Democrat in the County. This indicates it’s time for us to step up our game! And teh August meeting will be the time to do that.

We’re working on the agenda, so if you’d like to add something, you can respond to this letter or drop a line on FB or call me at 859 803 7587.

Everyone have a great week and we’ll chat again soon!

🙂 Debby Lucas Angel, Chair