Letter from the Chair – 1/21/2022

Hello fellow GC Dems!!

As hard as it is to believe, we have our first meeting of 2022 coming up next week!

A lot has been going on with the Legislative Session starting and the Republican redistricting drawn up in secret, passes, vetoed, overridden and the KDP filing suit to stop it. It’s a sight, isn’t it? And so much time and effort being spent on denying COVID, fighting over abortion and trying to get more lenient gun controls yet we still have too many families destroyed and folks dying from overdoses; our education is under attack and still the Republicans are filing bills that are solutions looking for problems.

Well, the meeting this month is very important because we need to be mapping our path forward. I’m hoping many of you can come to the library or join us online. We will be sending out the link to the meeting soon, probably over the weekend. A tentative agenda will be online so you can know what we are going to be discussing.

A huge issue that will be impacting our county for years to come is the fact that to date we have zero Dems on the county ticket for any partisan race. This is a sad state but it’s another indication of how much work we have to do. The non-artisan races–mayors, city council members and two school board members–have until June to file. We need to double down and get folks in these important positions.

The KDP is working to help. There are new councils that will reflect the needs or our rural and smaller counties. But, the main building has to come from us, here at the precinct and county levels. We need to work together to stand up and stand out.

All of these issues will be discussed at our meeting on Tuesday.

Oh and COVID-19 CDC protocols will be followed. Plus, if you are sick, please attend remotely.

Hope to see you all at the Library on Tuesday! Stay safe and warm!