Letter from the Chair – 1/6/2022

Hello Fellow Dems!

Well, it’s a new year and a new Legislative Session has begun.  Not to let any moss grow on them, the Republican led Legislature has wasted no time on their gerrymandered district maps they didn’t put forth until less than two weeks ago–senatorial and congressional were only put out this week!  Looks like they are going to push back the candidate filing dates until 1/25 which gives more time but is going to cause possible problems for the county clerks for their voting processes as well as their own county redistricting of their precincts.  Potentially there will not be county redistricting until later in the year.  The confusion is real. 

In the past, we have been able to trust our leaders.  Unfortunately, now we cannot rely on them to keep us informed.  Indeed, many spend their time and effort simply parroting party rhetoric and innuendo. It has become our responsibility to be informed and cognizant of what is going on in Frankfort for the state, as well as in Williamstown for the county.  To do this, we can go online to the Legislative Research Commission (LRC) page (https://legislature.ky.gov); can see the current session’s bill page (https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/record/22rs/record.html) for what they are voting on and can call your comments in to the LRC at 800 372 7181.  In the county, you can check the Facebook and Webpages of the Grant County Fiscal Court (meeting minutes are at https://grantcounty.ky.gov/2021-2022/ and videos of the meetings are https://grantcounty.ky.gov/transparency/).  All of these links will also be on our webpage.

At any rate, with a little more time, we are strongly urging everyone to consider running for office!  Check out our Webpage for the list, but all of our local (city and county) offices are up for re-election as well as school boards and such.  We need strong leadership NOW.  Too many in the county are forcing decisions to be made based on narrow-minded and party-line “facts” and individual preferences instead of what is best for the people.  

If you are interested in running, let me or your local GC Dems Executive Committee Member know and we’ll help you understand the how, why and what of running for office.  We have training materials and sessions here and in other counties to help with this.  Again, we need people who truly want to help our boards, cities, counties and state to step up and step out.  Run for office to better our government and to help us grow.

#StepUp  #StepOut  #BeTrueBlue

Everyone take care and stay safe!