Letter from the Chair – 11/13/2021

Hello Fellow Dems,

My initial intention for this update was to talk about the 2022 election cycle which began November 3 with the filing of ballot access. However, at the November meeting of the Grant County Board of Education, after hearing from six people–five against, one for–including at least one homeschooling and not an American citizen; the Board voted 4:1 to make masks optional. I am convinced a big reason for this is three members of the Board are in an antimasking echo chamber in that all the people they talk listen to are anti-masking and antivaxxing. The reason I believe this is because I have watched them in three meetings and they are consistent. The Chair is anti-masking for kids because she says parents should make the decision of masking though she says she “knows the disease is real…has lost friends and family members” to it. Another member tends to do whatever the chair says, two are for masking until numbers are down and the last tends to vacillate. They need to be hearing from pro-masking, pro-vaxxing parents, friends and family. They need to be told the reality of how more than half of the county feels instead of listening to the same people over and over and over.

So, my point is we need to step up to the plate. By not stepping up, it can be summed up as “passive approval.” Passive Approval is when something is said or done either against the Party or a Candidate and no response is given. Because of the crickets, the opposition and, more importantly, many of our own supporters, take it as saying we agree. As a rule, Democrats do not agree.

We need to be at public meetings. All public meetings: school boards (we have both Williamstown and Grant County), fiscal court and all four city council (Crittenden, Dry Ridge and Williamstown and Corinth) meetings. And we need to speak. It doesn’t have to be a dissertation, it just needs to be factual information supporting our boards for their masking and vaccination stances. or having one or two speak and the others applauding, showing support–showing support is the key. And NO VIOLENCE, anger or arguing. Upcoming is the CRT (Critical Race Theory) dog whistle education issue that is waiting in the wings and is nothing more than more emotional issues that have no true bases in fact because CRT is NOT discussed nor taught in K-12, it’s a theory discussed in law schools. Another issue is the CARES and ARPA funds—what is being done with those? Some of the cities and the county is flush with these funds and what they are doing with them may or may not be a good thing: we need to be there to find out.

So while our holidays are right around the corner and our 2022 midterm elections season has begun, we need to be out there; loud and proud. Not angry, not chaotic, and with verifiable and simple information that negates the rhetoric and misinformation. We must have solid candidates who can do the job that they are supposed to be doing: governing for the good of everyone, not just a chosen few. Anyone interested, please contact a member of the Executive Committee if you want to run or have question on how to decide if running is something for you or, how you can help move us forward.

In the coming weeks, we will be posting dates and links to all the civic meetings as well as the recordings of any meetings available and a list of all officials and their contact information. We need people to go to these meetings and make reality heard.

Grant County Democrats: #StopTheRhetoric! Time to #MaskUp, VaxUp, and #StepUp!

🙂 Debby Lucas Angel