Letter from the Chair – 12/09/2022

Hello All!

What a year, huh?  Hopefully we’ve all been able to recover at least a bit from the whirlwind of 2022.  Things are slowly getting back to normal,  In that vein I am back to being your Grant County Chair so am offering up this holiday version of Notes from the Chair.

I do want to make sure I’ve thanked everyone for the hard work, time and effort put into the races last year–for mine, especially but also for the others of Matt Lehman and Charles Booker; supporting Loretta Flerlage for School Board as well as the local and judicial races. With the losses, it makes it more apparent we have a long road ahead of us.  And though we didn’t win, we DID make good noise AND we, statewide, were able to stop those horrible Constitutional Amendments.  Plus, while the supermajority is apparently ignoring the will of the people (what else is new?) and forging ahead with their political agenda of guns, God and gametes, we still stopped two horrible amendments from being added to our already suffering state.  

We’ve one more meeting this year and then it’s time to move on to the 2023 races.  However, how about we take another breath before we get to work on rebuilding our County and State Parties?  Time for that next year.  🙂     

For now, we all just need a nice break and some fun.  Instead of a business meeting, let’s all gather at Casa Martini’s in Dry Ridge at 6:30PM on December 27 for a holiday celebration!  No presents, etc. just come ready to enjoy some great Mexican food, drinks and comradery with like-minded people we can relax around and just enjoy the holidays! 

We’ll get back to the real world in January 24, 2023 at our regular meeting at 7 (come early for snacks and visiting) on Janary 

So that’s it for now, hope to see y’all at the party and then with fresh ideas and energy next year!

🙂  Debby