Letter from the Chair – 12/23/2022

Hello Fellow Dems!

How is everyone doing in this frigid weather?  Hope everyone is ready for Christmas!

Well, another year is almost gone.  Not much has changed in Grant County this year as far as officials.  However, our Party has actually grown a bit and I believe we have some momentum starting.  Working from here, we can do some good for the county and over the next few election cycles, get some better; more civic minded folks into office so Grant County can stop this backward slide.  

But, this is all going to be on the radar next year.

Now is a good time to take a little break from all the hoopla and just have a little fun and comradery.  Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 27.  Instead of a business meeting, we are going to meet at Casa Martini in Dry Ridge for a Holiday Get-together.  Everyone is welcome!  Members are encouraged to bring family and friends!

Hope to see everyone there!

🙂  Debby Lucas Angel, Chair