Letter from the Chair – 2/11/2022

Hello Fellow Dems!

Well, the ice has melted, the COVID-19 numbers are slowly abating and spring is 37 days away! It’s a good day to be alive in Grant County!

Well, sorta; there are a few other issues that are nagging away. For one, while we recover from the sad fact we have no names on the county slate, we now grapple with the issue of getting quality people to run for city and commission slots. We have the list of positions up for election this year up on our website (gckydems.org) and we have until June to get folks to run! Have YOU considered running yet?

Another is how over the past year or so, permanent housing around Grant County has become pretty scarce. Rental properties are snapped up even before they are ever advertised; houses sell almost before they go on the market. Why? One glaring reason is short term rental for tourism. So many have converted their rental properties into Air BnB’s–some have even built small economy apartments and are using those nice sheds for overnight rentals–that we have a worsening shortage of housing for homes both rental and purchase. Rental and home costs are skyrocketing. Recently, I heard about a used singlewide mobile home put on a property and the asking rent was $1300 a month. This is ridiculous!

Adding to the housing debacle are the issue of quality jobs. While the hotels and restaurants may be producing more jobs, these are service jobs that are minimum wage with limited, if any, benefits. Just how are these folks are supposed to pay $1,300 a month just in rent–let along buy a home? What can be done in this county to free up housing for our citizens and provide living wage jobs?

Seriously, what can be done? Such a good question. We need heads put together to figure this one out! (Maybe it’s time to invite higher paying jobs into the county–like working to get widespread broadband so we can work to get tech training at NKU and the Grant County Tech Center so we can have tech companies settle here and bring those higher paying tech jobs. This was an idea Paul Samples had four years ago.)

Lots of food for thought, folks. Ideas are welcome! If we come together, we can take these ideas to the County, to the Cities and make a difference. And, if we can get folks on the councils and boards, maybe we CAN make a good difference in Grant County so it really can be a good time to be alive in Grant County.

Winter isn’t over, but spring is on the horizon; let’s shake off the ennui of the cold and move it forward! #GCDems StepUp #StepOut

🙂 Debby