Letter from the Chair – 3/19/2021

Hello Grant County Democrats!

Well, the Quadrennial Reorganization is under way!  Postponed by COVID-19 from last year, our reorg has kicked off with Precinct Elections nominations.  These are on-line, but you can are also access a phone hotline and even use paper.  While normally, all of our precinct, county, district, region and state reorg elections are held, respectively, in a day or less; this year because it is all virtual, nominations and elections are held over matter of days.  The current Precinct Elections nominations began to be accepted on March 15.

All Democrats who are registered to vote prior to April 8, 2021 can participate in the precinct conventions. During the precinct conventions, a Precinct Committee is elected for every precinct (the lowest defined voting district). The Precinct Committee is made up of a man, woman, and youth member (35 years of age or younger). Non-binary persons are taken into consideration in the process. You may nominate yourself or another Democrat in your precinct beginning on March 15, 2021. Sign up at the link above to get a reminder when the nominations open. Precinct conventions are called to order in a statewide virtual event on April 10, nominations close on April 12, and voting takes place April 15-17. Results of who was elected to the Precinct Committee are available on April 21. All Democrats who participated in the precinct convention (even if they’re not on the Committee) will then vote on a Chair – choosing between the members who were elected to the Precinct Committee. The nominating and voting processes for a Precinct Committee Chair take place between April 22-26. Results of the Precinct Chair elections are available on April 28, thus concluding the precinct conventions. 

Informational zoom meetings are offered on Saturday, March 20 (1 to 2 pm ET); Tuesday March 30 (7 to 8 PM ET) and Thursday April 8 (7 to 8 PM ET).

On Tuesday, March 23; we’ll be having our monthly Grant County Democrats Meeting.  Everyone is welcome!  This will be a zoom meeting.  Following is the tentative agenda:


  • Call to Order
  • Minutes from last Meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Old Business (reaching out to more members, Young Dems)
  • New Business (Dem Women’s Club, Reorg)
  • Going over procedures for Elections leading up to State level reorg
  • Open Floor
  • Adjourn

If you want to attend the meeting, please IM our Facebook Page and we’ll send you the contact information.

An extra bit of information, if you want to know the procedures and where all this comes from, may I suggest you check out the current bylaws or the Kentucky Democratic Party?

You can find a link here:  By-Laws-MASTER-DOCUMENT.pdf (kydemocrats.org)

Everyone have a great evening and weekend and hope to see you Tuesday!

– Debby