Letter from the Chair – 4/16/2021

Hello Grant County Democrats!

What an exciting time!  The voting for Precinct Elections of the 2021 Democratic Party Reorganization is underway!  If you signed up to vote and/or as a nominee for Precinct Committee, you need to hop to it!  Ballots have been e-mail AND regular mailed so CHECK YOUR MAILBOXes.  Be sure to complete and RETURN them ASAP.  Voting ends tomorrow, 4/17.  Votes will be tabulated and results provided on 4/25.

This is the beginning of the quadrennial (every four year) reorganization of the Democratic Party to assure our Party reflects our people.  For us to have a voice, we have to have votes and to have votes we have to elect folks so remit those ballots!!  If we want to have a change for the better, WE have to take part!

Lots of things going on in the country and world.  Check out our social media–webpage, Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram feeds for up-to-date happenings around the county, state and country.  Feel free to comment, post, call, write, whatever you feel is the best way to reach us to let us know what YOU want our Party to do and stand for.

ON THE HORIZON:  thinking about the future, what better way to have an effect than to run for office?  Starting in July, after our reorganization, we will be moving into planning stages for upcoming elections.  Although there are no elections this year, they definitely are next year!  Filing begins in November for County Judge/Executive, Magistrates, Commissioners, County Clerk, County Attorney, Jailer, Coroner, Surveyor, P.V.A., Constable and Sheriff as well as City Mayors and Council members and District Judges.  Also, some Judges of the Courts of Appeal and Circuit Judges will be up for election, depending on when was their last election.  Our 61st District State House of Representatives will also be up for election as well as US House Representative and one Senator.

Our goal is to keep everyone informed and involved in the cities, county and state.  Questions, suggestions?  Input is ALWAYS welcome.

Have a great day week and remember:  VOTE YOUR PRECINCT!   

🙂  Debby