Letter from the Chair – 4/29/2021

Hello Grant County Dems!

Well, we finished our Precinct Elections and now are ready to move on to our County Elections. The folks who were elected to those positions now move on to nominate members of our County Committee. We’ve sent out a letter earlier this week detailing what is necessary for that election. From there, we will determine our next County Executive Board and then move on to the State Convention in June.

In the meantime, we all need to be looking to the future: where do we want our Grant Count Democratic Party to go from here?

Myself and the whole of our Executive Board and Committee ask that our Grant County Dems get involved and be thinking about what YOU want? What is YOUR vision for Grant County?

We have this webpage, a Facebook Page, a Twitter Account as well as an Instagram Account. Please follow us on any/all of our social media and TALK TO US!

Folks, we cannot move forward in a vacuum, we need to hear from YOU how to move forward.

Everyone have a great weekend, check website and definitely look at our “Current Events” and “Calendar” pages for things going on today!

🙂 Debby