Letter from the Chair – 5/13/2022

Hello Fellow Dems!

As the song goes, “what a crazy world we live in!” The continued culture wars, tribal battles and rampant ignorance continues to be astounding. But, there is one issue coming up this week that might be able to take a chink out of the insanity: MidTerms!

This coming week, we will be going to the polls for a single Democratic Primary vote. But, though it is just one, it is an important one: who will replace Rand Paul in the Senate. We have four candidates (see below). While personally we may have preferences, as a Party, the GC Dems cannot and will not choose one over another. But, you can rest assured whichever one chosen will be an improvement over the scene stealing, grandstanding, ignorance spewing, sound-bite grabbing sorry excuse for a Congressional Senator we have now.

So, here are our choices;
– John Merrill (aka “Captain Nemo”): https://www.votenemo.com/
– Joshua Wesley Blanton, Sr: https://ballotpedia.org/Joshua_Blanton_Sr.
– Charles Booker: https://charlesbooker.org/
– Ruth Gao: https://www.ruthgao.com/

Be sure to check the links by their names to determine who you think will be the best Democrat to defeat Rand Paul.

After May 17, the races will be on for many races effecting our County. We will be getting a list of Dems so you can familiarize yourself with their qualifications and platforms.

We need to be INVOLVED and ACTIVE this campaign season! The opposition has strong straight ticket support which means they don’t think, they just “pull the lever.” The onus is on us Democrats to get out there and make sure people know there are common sense and reliable choices that will positively impact our present and future on the slate. Donating money, time and ideas are all welcome!

Have a great weekend and be sure to GET OUT AND VOTE on May 17!

Stand Up, Step Out, Be Heard!
🙂 Debby