Letter from the Chair – 6/18/2021

Hello Fellow Democrats!

So much new things, but so many old issues: where to begin? Well, let’s start with the good news: we’ve had our County Convention and elected our new Executive Board.
Introducing your Executive Committee:

Debby Lucas Angel
Patsy “Pat” Breeden
Loretta Flerlage
Donna Frueh
Jodi Marlinda Webster Samples
Kathy Shoemaker
Carlee Love Slaughter

John Frueh
Herman Hamm
Doug Jackson
Drew Lawrence
Zachary Little
Paul Samples
Paul Whalen

Our Executive Board is:
Chair: Debby Lucas Angel
Vice Chair: Paul Samples
Secretary: Loretta Flerlage
Treasurer: Drew Lawrence

This committee and the Board have members aged from 20’s to 80’s and are from all areas of Grant County. WE represent YOU!

At this time, our four Legislative Delegates (Angel, both Frueh’s and Flerlage) are involved in voting for District representatives to the State Central Committee. The area of this election is based on Legislative Districts–we are District Four that covers all of the northern are of the state. This voting will be finalized on June 26. But for here in the county, we need to begin our move forward NOW. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 22 at 7:00 PM at the Library. We are checking to determine when we’ll be able to begin meeting inside the Library. However, we don’t expect that until July. We will continue hybrid meetings indefinitely. We believe this is the best way to be able to include more folks in our meetings.

We need to know what YOU want YOUR Grant County Democrats to be doing. Following this need, our meeting on Tuesday will mark the beginning of our plan to move forward. We will be looking at our County Platform as well as how to develop a slate of candidates. It’s not too soon–in November, people will be filing for County and state offices. If we want to have a say in the running of this county as well as the state; we need to be involved. We also need to have a quality platform that speaks to mores of Grant County Democrats. We need to have intelligent, quality candidates that can do the jobs they seek and know what it takes to do that job. We need to be united, but we need to e the County.

The bad news is we are facing an uphill battle. We’ve had more folks turn away from our party and register as Republican. Too much information is getting into the paper that forwards the Republican Agenda. Sadly, too many of our local people do not understand how so much of that agenda comes from national and doesn’t little to nothing to help Kentucky, opting only to see that “R” and believe it stands for that single issue–abortion, religion, guns–so dear to them. They do not see it as the generic negative campaigning being parroted by, especially, our state office-holders. We have to provide counter balances to this.

For this, we need planning. And after planning, we need action. And after action, we need to see change.

Come to the meeting, either in person or via Zoom! If you want to join via zoom, leave a message on FB, Twitter or Instagram; drop an e-mail or contact your nearest Committee Member and join us as we move Grant County Forward.

As Joe Biden and now the rest of the world says, it’s time to Build Back Better!

🙂 Debby Lucas Angel, Chair
Grant County Democrats