Letter from the Chair – 6/25/2021

Hello Fellow Dems,

Well, this has been a busy week and we’ve a busy weekend coming up. The culmination of the Reorganization happens on Saturday with the Congressional District Convention at 10 AM and the State Central Committee Convention is at 2. Our four Party Delegates will be participating in those activities to try to get folks who will represent us and move the Party forward.

On Tuesday, we had our monthly meeting of the GCD. What a great meeting! With both in-person and virtual members present, we discussed our plans for the future and started forming subcommittees. We have permanent and Ad Hoc Subcommittees. (Ad Hoc are specific, usually temporary needs units). For the permanent ones; we now have Communications/Outreach and Fund Raising Subcommittees. As for ad hoc, we have two committees needing members. The first is a Platform Subcommittee and another is a Candidate Recruitment Subcommittee. Both AdHoc subcommittees need members. You don’t have to be on the Executive Committee to belong to a Subcommittee, you just need to be a Democrat wanting to make a difference and interested in joining any of our committees. Just let us know if you want to join a committee or if you have an idea for a committee we need to be looking into forming.

During our discussions, we brought up that Democrats do not need to be “taking a step back” in a defensive position from republican rhetoric and stances; indeed we need to step forward in the offensive. We need to develop a solid Grant County platform everyone can get behind as well as recruit dedicated candidates who can oppose incumbents in the fall. To support these candidates, we need to have factual information they can use to run a campaign based on the job description of the office they seek and to have factual, statistical information to present to the public. We are building this information and invite folks with factual information to bring it to us so it can be added into the database.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and let us know if you have any questions or needs we can address.

Have a great weekend and we’ll chat soon!
🙂 Debby