Monthly Meeting Minutes September 22, 2020


Welcome at 6:10 Attendance: Debby Lucas Angel, Doug Jackson, Paul Samples, Judy Gilbert, Sara Knapp, Jason Stroude. Brian Denny, Lorie Flerlage

The minutes were read, Doug Jackson made the motion to approve and Paul Samples seconded. All in favor. The Treasurer’s Report was given by Debby because Drew was not present. We have $400 in the account and we now have access to ACT BLUE so people can donate. Doug motioned to accept, Paul seconded. All in favor.

The guest speaker was Jason Stroude, the Democratic candidate running for State Senate in District 17. Jason is a life- long resident of District 17 and he feels that we need a Senator in Frankfort that can relate to everyone, not just the privileged few. He hopes to protect working families by raising the minimum wage, repeal Right to Work, and re-establish the prevailing wage. He wants everyone to have access to affordable healthcare, and would invest in Community- based addiction services as well as expanding access to mental healthcare. Jason is a big supporter of education and would work hard to find new sources of revenue to fully fund the educational system, expand technology and get access to broadband for every student. If possible, he would raise the pay of teachers and support staff. He has been endorsed by KY #120 teachers, and the Union. Brian Denny was at the meeting to ask us to support Amy McGrath who is running to unseat Mitch McConnell. He was asking for help making phone calls for Amy this week.

NEW BUSINESS: Ben Self, the State chairman, will be stepping down. His replacement will be announced soon.

Rural Insinuative: Debby has been attending the virtual meetings. They are going back to our original roots of the party. Some of our most important needs are 1) the broadband issue to insure everyone has access to the internet. 2) Factory Farms vs Family Farms The group has been discussing different ways to make these ideas happen for the betterment of all. OLD BUSINESS: Debby has been using the Face Book page to send out information about the Grant County Democrats. All candidate information will be there. We have a website, a Twitter account and an Instagram account. ELECTION UPDATE: We are encouraged to keep on working and motivate people with information. Don’t let anger and fear run the election! Keep working on finding new members, especially young members! Drew is working hard in this area! We are trying to expand the candidate pool because next year we will have local elections.

FUND RAISING: We have shirts for sale. Paul has reserved the Lloyd Welfare House for Halloween.

SIGN DISTRIBUTION: Friday, September 25, we will be at Corinth, Williamstown, Dry Ridge and Crittenden. Jason will be at each location and we will distribute signs to anyone that wants them.

Amy McGrath will be in Florence on Saturday, September 26

Paul made the motion to adjourn and Doug seconded at 7:05.