Nominations and Voting for your County Executive Committee

Now is the time we get down to the nuts and bolts of organizing our County Parties. Starting this Thursday, April 29th, through Monday, May the 10th;  the Elected Man, Woman, and Youth from each Precinct can begin making nominations to fill the seats on your local County Executive Committee.  Most Counties can elect up to 10 men and 10 women to serve on this committee. In addition to this number, the President of your local Democratic Women’s Club and a Youth, 18 to 35, can serve as voting members. In order to best organize, please consider nominating active Democrats in your county or district who you know will serve and get involved in your local community.  If you need to meet with other voting Precinct electors in some safe fashion, please try and do so in order to pool your knowledge and discuss ideas on how to best form your Executive Committee.  Please feel free to reach out to me at or anyone on our staff for any help you may need on this.  A sincere effort at filling these committees with highly qualified and dedicated Democrats is the key to building the energy we need to resurrect the Democratic Party all across the state. We will provide ample training for your committees on team building and other aspects of being a leader once everyone is elected. 

Organizing to be an effective team as a Democratic Party is not easy and will take time and effort to recruit the volunteers you need.  For some of you it may be a struggle to attract Democrats right away to step up and for others you may have the ordeal of trying to limit yourself to 20 members. Either way, seeking quality leadership over pure quantity of people is the most critical part of the job.  Please take it very seriously in nominating persons to serve your county or legislative district for the next 3 to 4 years. 

More details on this nomination process will be coming your way in the next day or so.  Please be looking for the email or phone call and please help us build the Party that Kentucky deserves to ensure we elect Democrats to office locally and statewide. 

We Thank each of you for standing up and being a part of this effort.  Your contributions to your County and the Kentucky Democratic Party are tremendously appreciated and desperately needed. 

Again, please contact us for any help you need during this period of Organizing your Democratic Party team. We truly want to be a part of your success and provide the support you need.