Weekly Roundup

Friday, October 9th, 2020
– As we get closer to the November 3 Election, things are heating up
 – Notable days to for the election cycle:  
        – Today, October 9 is the LAST DAY to request an absentee ballot.
        – NEXT TUESDAY, 10/13 is the FIRST DAY for in-person early voting
        – There will be four offsite election locations in Grant County, see the County Clerk’s Office Website for more information 
– We have a write-in candidates across the county.  Be sure to ask for a list of Write-in Candidates when you vote.
– We still have signs available for Stroude, McGrath, Owensby and Biden/Harris (if possible, we ask for $5 donation for Biden/Harris signs)
Email contact@gckydems.org for more information!